Hard System Holographic Embossing Machine

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Hard System Holographic Embossing Machine

The hard system holographic embossing machine is specialized equipment for producing laser holographic film material and works by transferring the pattern on nickel plate to the surface of film like PET and PVC (thickness at 12-200) through pressing, making the film dazzlingly brilliant with the pattern. The hard system holographic embossing machine consists of an embossing unit, oil-heating system, refrigerating system, oil-hydraulic system, pneumatic system, and PLC control system.

1. The hard system holographic embossing machine has no joint seam on the design master, enabling it to make full-size holographic designs.
2. It offers a more stable heating and refrigerating performance to guarantee no affect to film during processing.
3. It is fast and easy to change the design master of the hard system holographic embossing machine. It has a special pneumatic system to discharge oil with an original enclosing device to protect against leakage and always keep the work space clean.
4. It offers PLC control and man-machine interface.
5. The hard system holographic embossing machine has foreign-made key electric components and is more reliable.

Hard-system Holographic Embossing Machine Model SEKH1050 is used for producing see-through laser holographic film for lamination purpose, hot-stamping foil, transferred holographic film and paper, which widely applied to packing and decorating field.

We are a specialized hard system holographic embossing machine manufacturer based in China. We also provide corrugated cardboard forming machine, rotary head film blowing machine, hot foil stamping and die cutting machine, and more.

Working Principle
Firstly, the desired patterns will be etched on a metallic nickel plate. Then our holographic embossing machine will emboss the patterns onto various packaging materials, like BOPP film, coated PET films, PVC materials, and more. So that the customer can obtain the anti-counterfeit packaging materials.

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