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BOPP Tape Coating Laminating Machine

Model SCJ1100/1300/1600

1. The BOPP tape coating laminating machine uses a frame structure type and the length of the machine can be determined by the user.
2. The AC frequency stepless speed regulation, pre-traction, coating, laminating traction, rewinding, etc. are synchronously controlled.
3. The PLC control with man-machine interface can achieve many advantages such as precision, sensitivity, easy operation, and anti-jamming.
4. The coating types can be different according to different requirements, such as comma scraper coating, metering roller, veins roller, stick coating, air bells doctor, etc.
5. The BOPP tape coating laminating machine uses a separately constant temperature drying system and various kinds of heating types, such as hot air cycling heating, IR heating, etc. It offers automatically controlled temperature in each temperature zone and adjustable cycling in-out air system.
6. The inner leading roller of the oven uses a double glide assembling type and drives with main machine synchronously; the oven has a door opening on two sides or an air cylinder pushing opening, operation platforms and deference grilles on both sides.
7. The BOPP tape coating laminating machine offers auto counting, auto rising and decreasing speed, auto tape-broken inspection, auto error alarm, and pneumatic components auto on-off.
8. The rewinding and unwinding adopt double working positions turning type or single working position hydraulic pressing lift-drop type, materials loading and unloading by air shafts.

Technical Specifications of the BOPP Tape Coating Laminating Machine

Model SEJ 1100 SEJ 1300 SEJ 1600 SEJ 1600+
Coating width 1100mm 1300mm 1600mm 1600+mm
Material Roll material such as film, paper, cloth, foil, etc.
Unwinding dia. φ 300~800mm φ 300~1500mm
Rewinding dia. φ 300~800mm φ 300~1500mm
Oven temperature 30 ~ 220 ℃ (According to the material)
Oven length 3 ~ 48 m (According to the material)
Coating speed 10 ~ 150 m/min (According to the material)
Coating type Comma scraper coating, veins roller coating, three-rollers coating, etc.
Heating type Electric heating, steam heating, oil heating, etc.

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