Three Side Sealing Bag Making Machine

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Three Side Sealing Bag Making Machine

1. The three side sealing bag making machine is easy to operate, fully automatic, and produces a smooth bag with a beautiful appearance.
2. The machine offers high strength and high speed bag producing and is the ideal equipment for flexible packaging bag making.
3. The three side sealing bag making machine is adopted with computer control, man-machine interface, touching style to operate, simply and convenient, stepping motor locating system.
4. The bag length, speed, temperature, counting, punching and doubling sending finished bag can be preset.
5. It offers LPC automatic position corrector and double photoelectric tracking. It is also equipped with electrostatic elimination, stepless speed regulator.
6. The three side sealing bag making machine is suitable for making three side sealing bags, zipper bags, self-stand bags, and any other plastic bags and plastic sachet, etc. with any shape.

The three-side sealing bag making machine is used for producing single layer, two layer, or multi-layer three-side sealing laminated film bags for food, powder detergent and confectionary, etc.. The machine uses BOPP, PET, CPP, PE, nylon, and aluminum foil and paper as base materials.

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