Label Slitting Machine

Label Slitting Machine

Model SAK320/450/600

The label slitting machine is the one associated with die-cutting machinery, used for small size reel material slitting. It has the function of automatic meter counting, automatic stopping, web guiding by photoelectric eye.

1. The label slitting machine is a compact structure with fast speed, high efficiency, easy operation, accurate slitting, steady running, etc.
2. It uses a rewinding and unwinding shaft and the tension is controlled by friction paper (magnetic powder clutch and brake are optional); the unwinding unit has the function of auto web-guiding, and the photoelectric eye is KONTEC brand (Taiwan).
3. The label slitting machine has auto meter and label counter (SICK brand, Germany), which can set the length and amount. The machine can stop automatically.

Technical Specifications of the Label Slitting Machine

Model SAK320/450/600
Working speed 75m/min
Max. width of material 320/420/570mm
Max. diameter of unwinding 500mm
Max. diameter of rewinding 480mm
Precision ±0.5mm
Machine weight 400-680kg
Machine dimension 1100×900-1100×1280mm

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