Automatic High Speed Paper Sheeting Machine

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Automatic High Speed Paper Sheeting Machine

Model SASP1400

CBADEN high speed paper and board rotary sheet cutter is used to cut the paper roll into paper sheets. It adopts advanced technology from Britain and it is driven by AC servo motors. The high cutting speed reaches 300 cuts/min. The sheet cutter can cut 8 paper rolls at one time. It is also equipped with automatic deflection rectification and antistatic device. The paper feeding and delivering units are automatic with the hydraulic system. The human and machine interface system could make operation much easier and more convenient.

The machine consists of a cutting section, paper feeding section, electric control section, slitting knife and paper conveyer system.
CBADEN can also customize this high speed paper sheeting machine according to clients' requirements. For more information, please contact us.

Technical Specifications of the Automatic High Speed Paper Sheeting Machine

Model SASP1400
Type of cutting Top blade rotary, bottom blade fixed
Weight of paper 60-550 GSM
Reel diameter Max. 1800mm(71")
Finished width Max. 1400mm(55")
Finished sheet-length Min.450-Max.1450 mm
Number of rolls cutting 2 rolls
Cutting accuracy ±0.5mm(L<1000mm) ±0.1% (L≥1000mm)
Max. speed of cutting 300cuts/min
Max. cutting speed 300m/min
Requirement of the air pressure 0.8MPa
Voltage AC380V/220Vx50Hz
Total power 29KW
Accuracy of the roller paper sheet ±0.5mm(L<1000mm); ±0.1% (L≥1000mm) ±0.1% (accelerate or decelerate) This depends on machine stability and operation when cutting. (Cutting one paper roll, the cutting length is right)
Output The real output depends on the material, the weight of the paper, and the right operating process

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