Ultrasonic Label Cutting Machine (Microcomputer Control)

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Ultrasonic Label Cutting Machine (Microcomputer Control)

This microcomputer controlled ultrasonic label cutting machine makes low noise and features a high cutting speed of 700 times per minute; it uses ultrasonic and instantaneous high temperature to cut the soft materials with different natures via the control of microcomputer system. Our ultrasonic label cutter has various cutting methods and anti-static functions; it is an indispensable label processing equipment in the industry of clothing label printing.

Applicable length 1-1000mm 1-1000mm
Applicable width 1-70mm 1-70mm
Speed 700pcs/Min (50mm) 500pcs/Min (50mm)
Power 220V/2.5kW 220V/2kW
Weight 175Kg 150Kg
Dimensions 1000×600×1500mm 960×600×1330mm
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