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Automatic Rotary Die Cutting Machine

Model SAWD2100-3000

The automatic rotary die cutting machine is the advanced type of die cutting machine for corrugated paper to make the corrugated box.

Paper Sending Part

1) It uses vacuum absorption automatic paper-sending mode. Slotting, comer cutting, incenting and perforating are done at one time.
2) It realizes ten thousand pieces per hour for paper sending speed. Die cutting precision; ±0.75mm
3) Electric adjustment structure of planetary gear is used for phase. Startup and shutdown can be quickly adjusted.
4) The front paperboard is manually adjusted and side paperboard is electrically adjusted. It uses frequency fine tuning.
5) The rubber surface for the paper guiding roller avoids damaging paperboard and increases the accuracy of paper sending.
6) The paper-pushing unit and slide block is made of hard aluminum alloy material and is wear proof and lightweight.

Die Cutting Part
1) Die cutting roller. Material; high-quality steel; thickness of wall; 40mm; balance calibration; hard plating.
2) Wall board. Material; high quality cast iron; thickness of wall; 50mm; made at large-scale machining center.
3) Automatic thinning structure of soft roller can increase the re-use rate of rubber sleeve and can be used three times to four times.
4) Automatic compensation of linear velocity can guarantee that the die-cutting size for each batch of cartons is in full accord.
5) U.S.CUE polyurethane soft cutting rubber sleeve can be easily installed. Time for die cutting; 8 million times.
6) The cam type soft roller can be horizontally moved by 40mm from left to right and the wear of the rubber cushion is even.
7) 40Cr is used for fine grinding gear of grade 6 which has advantages of low noise and long service life.
8) It has a spray type lubricating system; simple and efficient.
9) The die cutting roller cylinder type auto separation unit can increase the wear of rubber sleeve.

3. Electric Part
1) It offers man-machine interface and PLC control system (Taiwan Delta touch screen and PLC).
2) The frequency conversion speed regulation of the main motor has the advantages of saving power and stable speed increase.
3) The front and rear control panels are concisely concentrated and can be conveniently operated.
4) The system of the complete machine is wholly controlled by photo, electricity, and gas.
5) Products of famous brand are used for the electrical apparatus of the complete machine.
6) We have several simple types for different needs. If you are interested, please contact us.

Technical Specifications of the Automatic Rotary Die Cutting Machine

Model SDWD2100 SDWD2500
Size of feeding 2100×1400/450×500mm 2500×1400/450×500mm
Paper thickness 1-11mm 1-11mm
Working speed 30-180 30-180
Power of motor 5.5KW 7.5KW
Machine weight 5500kg 6500kg
Machine dimension    
Model SDWD3000 SDWD3000B
Size of feeding 2500×1600/500×600mm 3000×1600/500×600mm  
Paper thickness 1-11mm 1-11mm
Working speed 30-150 30-150
Power of motor 11KW 15KW
Machine weight 7000kg 7800kg
Machine dimension    

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