Automatic Multifunction Label Cutting and Folding Machine

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Label Cutting and Folding Machine (Multifunction)

MH-900 multifunctional automatic label cutting and folding machine is specially designed for end fold and mitre fold. It is easy to use and requires one-man operation; only the abrasive tools need to be replaced. Featuring light weight and superior performance, our label cutter and folder is particularly suitable for labels made of loose and soft materials. The market share of this label processing equipment accounts for more than 50% of the total.

Fold 1. Straight cut 2. Center fold 3. End fold 4.Longitudinal end fold 5 . Mitre fold
Cutting 1. Cold cutting 2. Hot cutting 3. Heat sealing
Applicable length 15--160mm
Applicable width 10--75mm
Working speed 30-200/min
Dimensions 1100L×950W×1620H (m)
Weight 295KG
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Horsepower 1/2HP
Power consumption 1800W
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