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Die Cutting and Creasing Machine

Model SAB720-1800

The die cutting and creasing machine is also called a clam shell die cutter and is a special kind of equipment for die cutting and creasing a wide range of material, such as normal paper, cardboard, corrugated board, plastic sheet, leather, etc. They are extensively applicable to the fields of printing, packaging, decorating and plastic industries. The die cutting and creasing machine has been well accepted by customers at home and abroad due to its outstanding performance, reliability, quality of equipment, and easy operating at low cost pricing.

  • 1600 CE
  • big model die cutting machine to USA
  • smart model of cbaden die cutting machine
Die cutting machine under making in our workshop:
  • cbaden die cutting workshop

1. Sliding bearings of the Die Cutting and Creasing Machine are made of high quality alloy copper, which enhances anti-friction quality and reduces mechanical vibration.
2. The flywheel develops a big moment of force and large pressure.
3. The high strength build is due to a whole iron casting, using high quality material for the machine body.
4. The single plate electromagnetic clutch of the Die Cutting and Creasing Machine is sensitive and reliable.
5. They are with function of single sheet printing, continuous printing and delayed printing, the range is adjustable from 1-10 seconds.
6. The operating position is well designed and the moving-bed can be opened to its optimum.
7. A central lubrication system guarantees fine lubrication and reduces friction.
8. The safety protection system of the Die Cutting and Creasing Machine is reliable.
9. The adjustable chase clamp structure can adapt all kinds of die mold plate. Ease of operation and maintenance is built in to the design of the machine.
10. The electric control system is in line with international standards.
11. CE standard type can be made upon request.
12. The heating plate available as an option for die cutting plastic sheet.
13. In addition to the SAB720-1800 model, we can make the model as big as 3000mm for special needs.

Technical Specifications of the die cutting and creasing machine

Model Inner Chase Size Speed Max. Rule Length Motor power Machine Weight Machine Dimensions
SAB720 720×510mm 25 <15m 2.2KW 2000kg 1500×1400×1300mm
SAB 930 930×660mm 23±3 <25m 4KW 3000kg 1720×1530×1620mm
SAB 1040 1040×720mm 20±3 <30m 4KW 3500kg 1860×1760×1700mm
SAB 1100 1100×790mm 20±2 <32m 4KW 4500kg 1860×1760×1700mm
SAB 1300 1300×920mm 15±2 <40m 5.5KW 5600kg 2200×2200×1750mm
SAB 1400 1400×1000mm 15±2 <45m 5.5KW 6200kg 2200×2200×1750mm
SAB 1500 1500×1040mm 14±2 <45m 7.5KW 7000kg 2500×2200×1750mm
SAB 1600 1600×1250mm 13±2 <50m 11K 12000kg 2500×2200×2000mm
SAB 1700 1700×1400mm 16±2 <50m 15KW 14500kg 2240×2800×2130mm
SAB 1800 1800×1280mm 16±2 <50m 11KW 14200kg 2180×2760×2250mm

As a professional die cutting and creasing machine manufacturer based in China, we also offer hot foil stamping and die cutting machine, A4 paper cutting packing machine, rotary head film blowing machine, and much more.

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