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Automatic Die Cutting Creasing Machine

Model SAYH1060/1050

The automatic die cutting creasing machine is able to process sheet and paperboard and perform stamping, die-cutting, creasing, and hot and cold embossing for paper boxes, corrugate and paper trade marker, and is an ideal machine for packaging and decoration. With high technology, the automatic process of sheet-feeding, die-cutting, and stamping to delivery is achieved. The die-cutting uses the interface, showing the working speed, number of sheet processed, the general running time and the working conditions, and the programmable controller conducts monitoring on the input spots and output spots, which contributes to easy trouble shooting and operation. The main motor is controlled by transducer, thus achieving stepless speed regulation and smooth operation. Stamping is computer-controlled, with data-entering by touch screen, and this realizes optimizing programming with less foil. The twelve heating zones have their separate temperature setting and are in constant temperature. They are equipped with many sensors and safety devices, which make possible normal operation by machines and safe running by operators.

Technical Specifications of the Automatic Die Cutting Creasing Machine

Model SAYH1060 SAYH1050 SAYH1020
Max. size of paper 1070 × 740mm 1050×750 mm 1020 × 720mm
Max. size of die cutting 1060 × 730mm 1040×740mm 1010 × 710mm
Min. size of paper 400 × 360mm 400×350mm 400 × 360mm
Max. size vertically of hot stamping 1010 × 705mm 1000×715mm 970 × 685 mm
Max. size horizontal of hot stamping 1420mm 990×610mm 960 580mm
Max. height of paper feeding     1100mm
Max. speed of hot stamping 6000S/h 5000s/h 5000S/h
Thickness of paper-processed Corrugation paper E≤4mm Cardboard 0.1-0.5mm Cardboard 0.1-1.5mm Cardboard 0.1-1.5mm;
Max. diameter of foil   Φ 210mm/3" core/ Φ 100mm/1" core 4mm 100mm 1core or 195mm 3 core
Electrical heating power 16.8kw 16.8kw 16.8KW
Max. die cutting speed 8000S/h 6500s/h 6500S/h
Max. height of paper receiving 1360mm 1100mm
Max. pressure 3000KN 3000KN 2500KN
Temperature range of hot stamping plate 30º~199ºC   0~199℃ 30º ~199º C
No. of heating zones 12 16 12
Total power 42.5kw 41.5kw 46.5kw
Machine weight 2000kg 16000kg 18500kg
Machine dimension 7500×4200×2800mm 5932×4140×2620mm 5470 × 3940 × 2580mm

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