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  • Label Printing Machine (CNC Control, 5 Colors) This 5-color CNC controlled label printing machine uses computerized digital control technology and allows the adjustment of any lengths within one circumference at a specific printing speed, truly saving raw material in the printing process and improving efficiency. Our label printer can generate patterns with accurate color register and vivid clarity.
  • Flexo Printing Machine, 8 Colors Our technically innovative 8-color flexo printing machine represents the development trend of flexographic printers. Integrated with mechanical control, electrical control and pneumatic control, it features stable pressure, accurate positioning, simple operation, good durability, high safety and reliability.
  • Screen Printing Machine (Roll to Roll, Single color) This roll to roll single color screen printing machine is designed for the printing on all kinds of package ribbon rolls, rubber bands, woven labels, leather materials, etc. It can produce color that has excellent fastness. Our screen printing equipment is suitable for printing white patterns on black background, especially deep colored background.
  • Automatic Screen Printing Machine (Roll to Roll, Multicolor) Our automatic screen printing machine features computerized high precision color register and integrated mechanical, electrical and pneumatic control. It can produce color that has excellent fastness and is applicable for printing on various package ribbon rolls, rubber bands, woven labels, leather materials, etc.
  • Die Cutting Flexo Printing Machine The main motor of the die cuttingflexo printing machine uses an imported inverter to govern a stepless speed adjustment.
    The printing units are all equipped with a group of infrared dryers respectively.
    Each IR dryer device of the printing unit is interchangeable to UV dryer ...
  • Label Paper Flexo Printing MachineAll printing units of the label paper flexo printing machine are designed with 360° adjustment of print registration.
    Each printing unit is equipped with an IR dryer.
    Our label paper flexo printing machine is designed with a die cutting unit, enabling us to finish printing and die cutting at one stop.
  • Label PS Offset Printing MachineThe advanced servo control system of the label PS offset printing machine ensures the stable movement of printing stock during the printing process. The printing cylinders do not need changing and repeat length is digitally controlled. The label PS offset printing machine is quick, easy and convenient to operate. The only operation is inputting the preset printing ...
  • Plastic Bag Film Flexographic Printing MachineThe plastic bag film flexographic printing machine offers easy operation and a flexible starting accurate color register.
    The meter counter can set the printing quantity according to the requirement. The machine stops automatically at the set quantity or when the material is cut off.
  • Rotogravure Film Printing MachineThe rotogravure film printing machine is designed in combinational type. Its printing color can be increased or decreased upon customers' request. A reverse side printing mechanism is also available.
    A shaftless pneumatic device is used for mounting a printing cylinder, providing the rotogravure presses with prompt and convenient press ...
  • Flexo Printing Glazing Slotting Cutting Machine Line Computer Control - The flexo printing glazing slotting cutting machine line offers independent computer desk control to realize 9,999 menu storages with the features of quick menu change, simple operation and prominent human/machine character. Troubleshooting is done with the computer to enhance equipment service efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Fully Automatic Carton Box Flexo Printing Slotting MachineThe fully automatic carton box flexo printing slotting machine can fulfill the processes such as paperboard printing (1~4colors), creasing, edge trimming, slotting, corner cutting, hole punching and die cutting, etc. in one cycle automatically. The vacuum suction push-plate auxiliary paper feed offers precision and reliability.
  • Semi-Automatic Flexo Printing Slotter MachineSemi-automatic flexo printing slotting machine feeds by chain pushing in a transverse direction; printing, pressing, slotting, trimming and die-cutting just in one step.
    It offers auto-counting production units.
    The mechanism unit uses a pneumatic interlock and can be separated.
  • Automatic Non-Woven Fabric Screen Printing MachineAutomatical feeding printing,drying and collecting. Save labors and overcome restraints caused by weather conditions.
    With Balanced pressure,with high ink thickness.Suitable for printing on high-quality non-woven products.
    Applied to various sizes of printing screen frames.
  • CO2 Laser Marking Machine The CO2 laser marking machine is used for on-line mass production under the working methods of online flying marking (continued and dynamic working), and forms the characters, figures, symbols, images, etc. including anti-faked auto coding and serial number, etc. marking on material such as paper, plastics, pellicle, tinfoil, wood, glass, PVC, ABS and EP, etc.
  • Infrared Dryer (for Label Printing Machine) Infrared dryer for label printing machine uses warm air or cold air to cure the labels; this IR drying machine is mainly suitable for rotary type label printer under the conditions of high speed printing or double sided printing.
  • Label Cutting and Folding Machine (Multifunction) MH-900 multifunctional automatic label cutting and folding machine is specially designed for end fold and mitre fold. It is easy to use and requires one-man operation; only the abrasive tools need to be replaced. Featuring light weight and superior performance.
  • Ultrasonic Label Cutting Machine (Microcomputer Control) This microcomputer controlled ultrasonic label cutting machine makes low noise and features a high cutting speed of 700 times per minute; it uses ultrasonic and instantaneous high temperature to cut the soft materials with different natures via the control of microcomputer system.
  • Flexo Platesetter (Water Washing) Our water washing flexo platesetter, boasting high-precision reproduction and stable working performance, has integrated functions of exposure, washing, drying and removing adhesives; it is configured with an easy-to-use central microprocessor control panel, Philips UV lamps and professional electronic ballasts.

As a professional printing machine manufacturer based in China, we offer die cutting flexo printing machine, hot foil stamping and die cutting machine, corrugated cardboard forming machine, disposable plastic glove making machine, and more.

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