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CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Model :SBF15/30

Our CO2 laser marking machine is new, self-developed and manufactured on-line flying laser marking equipment and can make high speed marking on conveyed products in line perfectly. Our machine uses imported shoot power metal-sealed Model SBF15/30 laser and a high speed scanner system for this series product equipped with professional flying marking control software.

The CO2 laser marking machine is used for on-line mass production under the working methods of online flying marking (continued and dynamic working), and forms the characters, figures, symbols, images, etc. including anti-faked auto coding and serial number, etc. marking on material such as paper, plastics, pellicle, tinfoil, wood, glass, PVC, ABS and EP, etc.

The CO2 laser marking machine is an environmental product because it marks the surface of material without using ink, thus is highly accepted and regarded as the best, ideal equipment for industries such as spirits, tobacco, medication, foodstuff and drink, individual nursed materials, electronic wares, cards, arts and crafts, building materials and leather, etc.

Technical Specifications of the CO2 Laser Marking Machine
Max. laser power: 15W/30W
Wavelength: 10.64μm
Repeat frequency: 20kHz
Marking scope: 60mmX60mm and 100mmX100mm (optional)
Marking contents: Character, symbol, logo, barcode, two-dimension code, graphics, image, full automatism serial number, batch number, real time clock, automatism date of manufacture and encrypt number at will
Marking speed: 0-90M/min. (optional)
Min. line width: 0.1mm
Repeat accuracy: ±0.01mm
Min. character: 0.3mm-60mm (optional)
Marking lines: From one to ten
Type of character: Chinese, English, figure
Image direction: 0o-360o (optional)
Scanner direction: 0o-90o (optional)
Information memory: Absoluteness
Character height: Absoluteness within marking scope
Laser deflexion system: High speed scanner
Control system: Standard computer, true color LCD, Windows XP editor interface, operation in Chinese, can editor figure, character and images
Input port: Input interface of production inductor, non normal working input of on-line production
Output port: Alarm signal output for laser fault and environment exceed standard
Working method: equipped with customer's product line or customized at the customer's requirement

Input power: 500W /700W
Electrical source: 220V/single-phase/50Hz /3.5A or 5A
Cooling system: Air cooling
Dimension of main machine: 250X550X220mm

As a specialized CO2 laser marking machine manufacturer based in China, we provide a comprehensive range of products that includes printing machine, corrugated box forming machine, hot stamping machine, and much more.

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