Automatic Non-Woven Fabric Screen Printing Machine

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Automatic Non-Woven Fabric Screen Printing Machine

Our automatic non-woven fabric screen printing machine is a brand new solution specially developed for roll non-woven fabrics. It is characterized by low cost, easy operation, and market popularity.

1.Automatical feeding printing,drying and collecting. Save labors and overcome restraints caused by weather conditions.
2.With Balanced pressure,with high ink thickness.Suitable for printing on high-quality non-woven products.
3.Applied to various sizes of printing screen frames.
4.Big-size printing area to print multiply layouts. Improve work efficiency.
5.Before and after full page printing, effective space between images can be reduced to minimum 1 cm. Effectively reduce the material waste.
6.High precision of printing controlled by servo motor
7.Connected with non-woven bag making machine to produce the bag automatically. Greatly improve work efficiency.

Technical Specifications of the Automatic Non-Woven Fabric Screen Printing Machine

Model SBW12010
Max.Printing Size 1200x1100mm
Non-woven Fabric Rolls Width 1250mm
Non-woven Fabric Thickness 45g/m2~100 g/m2
Max. Diameter of Rolls 800mm
Printing Speed 500-1100m/h
Voltage & Total Power 380V 3P4N 24kw
Machine Size 10500x1800x1720mm
Basic Structure Feeding Part, Printing Part, Drying Part and Collecting Part.
Weight 2000kg
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