A4 Paper Cutting and Packing Machine, Model DTCP-4-4

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A4 Paper Cutting and Packing Machine, Model DTCP-4-4

At CBADEN Machinery Group, we have developed the Model DTCP-4-4, a line of A4 paper cutting and packing machine, ideal for industrial cutting and packing paper at 20-25 packs per minute. This industrial paper cutter for A4 copy paper cuts larger paper rolls into size A4. We also customize the paper product size according to customer needs. Contact CBADEN today with questions, and our friendly staff will help you find what you need. Optional parts to our automatic paper wrapping machine are also available.

The A4 paper cutting and packing machine stacks paper in reams directly after cutting the paper roll:

Paper Roll:
Copy Paper:

Invention Patents for the A4 Paper Cutting and Packing Machine
1. 200920196419.3. Sheet collecting equipment for paper cutting machine.
2. 200920196420.6. Paper cutter shaft for cutting machine.
3. 200920196418.9. Wrapping paper folding equipment for copy paper packing machine.

Technical Introduction of the A4 Paper Cutting and Packing Machine
Our copy paper slitting, sheeting & ream wrapping machine (model DTCP – A4) is a newly developed industrial paper equipment that uses advanced technology for a high production speed. With high cutting precision, the fully automatic paper equipment meets international standards, saving time and labor.

The paper cutting and packing machine is fully automatic with a PLC control system and mechanical automation. The whole process consists of unwinding paper rolls, cutting, counting, transporting, reams dispensing, and packaging so the labor intensity is decreased.

Configuration of the A4 Paper Cutting and Packing Machine
1 Non-shaft roll-loading control system 2 sets
2 Advanced tension control system - 4 sets
3 Anti-warping mechanisms 4 sets
4 Slitting knives 5 sets
5 Simultaneous cross-cutting knives 1 set
6 High speed paper feeding system 3 sets
7 Low speed paper feeding system 2 sets
8 Edge trimming and discharging system - 1 set
9 2D oscillation, making sheets orderly; screw lifting device used to collect sheets for reams 1 set
10 PLC counting device 1 set
11 Reams of paper longitudinal ejecting equipment 1 set
12 PLC error alert and halting system, PLC control system 1 set
Main Technical Parameters of the A4 Paper Cutting and Packing Machine
Max. width of paper roll 846mm
Net cutting width 840mm
Number of cutting tools 4 cuttings-A4 210mm(width)
Diameter of paper roll 400-1200mm
Diameter of paper roll's core 3" (76.2mm) or 6" (152.4mm)
Weight of paper sheet 60-100g/ m²
Length of cut paper A4(297mm)
Paper quantity 0-500 sheets
Max. ream height 65mm
Designing speed of paper cutting 160m /min
Cutting speed 538times/min
Cycle time of each ream 4.3/min
Paper cutting speed 130m /min
Working cutting speed 437times/min
Ream delivery speed 3.5/min(14 reams/min)
Paper cutting accuracy ±0.2mm
Paper cutting condition 1.Stable speed 2. Paper roll won't break 3. Qualified paper
Transmission AC Frequency conversion, stepless speed regulating
Main power source 3phase/380v/50Hz
Control voltage 220V AC/22V DC
Total Power 35KW
Air consumption 300NL/min
Pneumatic pressure 6bar
Overall dimension (cutting unit) 15000×2750×2100mm
Weight (cutting unit) 12 T
Overall dimension (packing unit) 6000×3400×1600mm
Weight (cutting unit) 2.5 T

Detailed Introduction for the A4 Paper Cutting and Packing Machine

Roll Loading Unit Incorporates 4 unwinding rolls and an advanced magnetic-power brake and hydraulic system so the paper is fed stably through without wrinkling or tearing.
Slitting Unit Uses Delsar's up-slitting knife from Italy, a knife with better sectioning and a service life 3 times longer than knives from other brands.
Sheeting Unit Uses wear-resistant rubber rollers and advanced double cyclotron hob technology for accurate cutting and a long service life.
Uses hard cast knives Germany's St Paul brand. This knife has a service life 6 times longer than similar knives from other brands.
Conveying Unit 1 Uses ContiTech's belts from Germany and a Weinview touch screen from Taiwan.
Sheet Stacking Unit Uses a cylinder without piston rods and an up and down motor from Germany, reducing the vibration and noise.
Conveying Unit 2 Stably conveys reams of sheets to the wrapping unit.
Wrapping Unit Wraps reams of sheets (500pcs) automatically.
Electrical Components Uses Siemens' PLC and Omron's photoelectric switch, ensuring a long service life.
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